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12 Jan

A great article by Steven Lukes, Professor of Sociology at NYU, discussing C. Wright Mills seminal work “The Power Elite” within the current global climate, where Mills went wrong, and what we can still learn from his 1956 work. Mills conception of concentrated power in a centralized bureaucracy re-enforces much current research regarding the rigidity and its unsustainable progress moving forward.  In my mind it also shows the potential for decentralized digital protest, giving an absolutely necessary voice to (in Mills’ words) “the masses”.  Modified, Mills’ general propositions lay a decent theoretical framework from which to understand American society from outside of the typical ‘pluralist’ model towards conflict, which we now see manifesting in ever greater numbers through alternative media and the decentralized dissemination of information afforded by digital media.

I did not have much time to throw this post out, any of the causal implications I have made are vague at best, but will be discussed in time part for part.

Mostly though, I just figured that anyone interested in this blog would also appreciate this article, and any thoughts/comments on either the post or article would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year ya’ll!

New Left Project | Articles | Dimensions of Elite Power.