Analysis: Twitter Followers After Thirty Days


Today marks the one month anniversary of my first Twitter follower for an account I’ve crated specifically as a part of this ongoing project, and it has been quite the month.  In thirty days I have posted 339 tweets (96% retweets), and begun to follow just over 1700 accounts–based mostly in politics, news, and non profit organizations/government institutions.  286 people and organizations have decided to follow me (with ~88% retention rate).  This morning I decided to do a loose analysis of these followers based upon keywords in their twitter heading/summary/tagline/whateveryoueanttocallit.  The results are as follows (I allowed a given follower to be placed into up to three categories of equal relevance.  Essentially, one could argue that my categories are arbitrary, and without set criteria my analysis is ACADEMICALLY unsound, but it still gives one for a good feel for who has been attracted to my account, presumably based on who I follow and my tagline which reads:

“Taking the info in and spewing it back out. Masters Thesis@Dartmouth in #globalization #sustainability and #labor. Saving the world one article at a time.”

BREAKDOWN: (high to low)

Non profit organizations/Charities: 29


Networking/Social Media: 26

Author/ Journalist: 25

Advertising: 21

News (general): 20

Online collective action: 20

‘Liberal’: 17

Art/Music: 14

Social movements: 14

Labor/Unions: 13

‘Blogger’: 13


‘Radical’: 11

‘Conservative’: 11

Animal Rights: 11

Academic journals: 11

History: 10

Social/Political policy: 9

Sustainability/Environmentalism: 9

‘Tech’: 9

News (international): 9

Massachusetts: 9

‘Occupy’: 8

Government: 8

Children’s rights: 8

Health/Healthcare (general): 7

Think Tank: 7

100,000+ followers: 7

‘Entrepreneur’: 7

Hunger/Food: 7

Christianity: 6

Parks/Conservation: 5

Education/Special ed: 5

Voting: 5

Television/Radio personalities: 4

Cities: 4

Photography: 4

Academia: 4

Women’s rights: 4

Vermont: 4

Government officials/Politicians: 4

Economics (Finance/Trading): 3

Mental Health: 3

Conventional energy: 3

Student: 3

Insurance (general): 3

‘SEO’: 3

Homelessness: 2

Race: 2

Crowdsourcing: 2

Agriculture: 2

Co-operatives: 2

Veterans: 2

Law: 2

Animal rights: 2

Translator: 1

Water rights: 1

Indigenous rights: 1

Hinduism: 1

Buddhism: 1

1,000,000+  followers: 1

Total categories: 56

Total categorizations: 487 (of 286 followers)



Unfortunately, this bit is all I have time for today.  This weekend I will post again discussing the SIGNIFICANCE of these ‘findings’ as well as some other bits and pieces that have been on my mind in recent days.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to include the category ‘anonymous’, which had 3 references.




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